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Among the many threats the elderly face at this age, depression is one of the most common dilemmas plaguing the elderly community. In fact, depression at this stage of life is more common than you think. Imagine being an elderly with a life experience spanning many decades and having weathered numerous storms, from the deaths of loved ones to sicknesses and many other emotionally traumatic incidents. Life at this stage can really be very agonizing. Further contributing to the gloom is that the people they have known all life are dying one by one, and immediately pangs of loneliness are visible. It’s time we learn more about depression in older adults to care better for them.


Most senior citizens experience incontinence as they grow older in life. It mostly happens when they leave their homes to attend social events. As a caregiver, it’s your responsibility to ensure that incontinence issues don’t occur while they are out to save them from embarrassment. Their mental capacity will improve if they are more confident in their shoes.


Most older adults face issues pertaining to self-esteem. So, they need someone who can boost their morale and self-confidence. Compliment them, share positive comments, and give them presents, to help them feel that they are an essential part of your lives. Remember that they are fragile with everything happening around them, so discouraging them can lead to depression. Also, ensure that you encourage them to attend social gatherings, so they don’t feel left out or ignored.


Most older people are battling a series of chronic conditions that lead to depression. Studies suggest that depression is often linked to illness, severe pain, and cognitive decline. So, ensure you’re keeping them motivated about taking their medications. They will try harder if they know that the other person wants to see them get better.


Perhaps, the cruelest reason that leads to depression among older adults is loss of purpose. Transitioning from work to retirement or being happily married to widowed can lead to depression. So, as a caregiver, it’s your responsibility to keep them motivated and let them know they are not a burden and are still needed in your life. If you keep convincing them that they are an important part of your life, they will be happier and will try to reciprocate.


Depression is a disorder that afflicts people of all ages and tends to make the lives of sufferers, including young adults, miserable. Imagine what it can do to feeble older adults. So, it’s our responsibility to find ways to keep them happy in this stage of life when they are in their most vulnerable position. If they are content with their lives, they can help us evolve and improve for the better as we grow older. Something to ponder, no? Still, it’s important to note that taking care of the elderly is a full-time job and requires time and effort. So, why not let experts help you out? Sunrise Homecare Services offer full-scale homecare services to citizens of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Call us now!